1. bethany0729's Avatar
    ok first.. when i recieve an email or a picture mail on my phone i can't click on the link. this just happened like 2 days ago.. when i move my cursor onto the link it doesnt highlight it or underline it.

    all the sudden when i get a message and unlock my phone to read it, it opens the message automatically. like, i don't have to click on messages to open it. why??

    07-15-08 12:10 PM
  2. NDO's Avatar
    The first question i cannot answer. Leave that one to a pro. The second answer is if you wait about 15 seconds it wont do that. Its a setting which i dont think you can change but if you unlock or unholster your device within 15 seconds of recieving it automatically opens what it recieved. Test it out send yourself an email but wait to unlock the phone and see if it does it again.
    07-15-08 12:19 PM
  3. bethany0729's Avatar
    alrighty. thanks for help.
    07-15-08 12:20 PM
  4. iamjoel5's Avatar
    ok first.. when i recieve an email or a picture mail on my phone i can't click on the link...

    Picture email or MMS?
    07-15-08 12:26 PM
  5. bethany0729's Avatar
    both. it could be an email from my yahoo that gets sent to my phone or it could be a link so see a picture mail
    07-15-08 12:28 PM
  6. iamjoel5's Avatar
    Just to be clear, it is MMS (being picture "text" messaging) or someone sending you an email and/or text with a link and/or attachment to a picture?
    07-15-08 12:47 PM
  7. bethany0729's Avatar
    theyre sending me a picture straight from their phone. so i guess it's an mms
    07-15-08 12:48 PM
  8. iamjoel5's Avatar
    Have you tried sending pictures? cant your recipients see yours sent pictures?
    07-15-08 12:52 PM
  9. iamjoel5's Avatar
    oooh, i think I may have this figured out if this is the case, does it say cant be retrieved at this moment or something like that when u get a MMS?
    07-15-08 12:53 PM
  10. bethany0729's Avatar
    no. ok, i will get more into it. i can only send pictures to people with sprint by sending them to theirnumber@pm.sprint.com

    but the person who i usually get pictures from, who has sprint as well, can send them to me like a regular text message. so if they send me one, i usually click on the link to see it, but the link isn't working.
    07-15-08 01:06 PM
  11. iamjoel5's Avatar
    Question #1:
    I think for the pearl you need an email viewer to be able to click on links in an email. If you don't have one, easiest thing to do is copy and paste the link on the URL page. (click "go to" from the menu when you are on the web)

    For Certain email attachments or MMS you may just need to click the trackball and select "Open Attachment" or "get images" (if you're device gives you this option)

    Question #2:
    Try assigning your inbox to one of your side convinience keys...just a wim but may fix the issue. There could be a glitch to where unlocking your phone is associated with opening your inbox in some convenience manner...i dunno maybe
    07-15-08 01:06 PM
  12. bethany0729's Avatar
    but the links always worked before.. so i know i have the viewer. it just doesn't work here and there
    07-15-08 01:07 PM
  13. iamjoel5's Avatar
    You have a media plan with your Pearl right?
    07-15-08 01:07 PM
  14. bethany0729's Avatar
    yes sir i do
    07-15-08 01:09 PM
  15. iamjoel5's Avatar
    Ok...have you tried a batter pull?
    07-15-08 01:12 PM
  16. iamjoel5's Avatar
    you know... "if ever in doubt, pull the battery out"
    07-15-08 01:13 PM
  17. bethany0729's Avatar
    whats a batter pull!?
    07-15-08 01:13 PM
  18. iamjoel5's Avatar
    Leave your phone on then pull the batter out. It's considered a "Reset". It will not harm your device simply Reset it, dont worry all setting and all will stay the same
    07-15-08 01:14 PM
  19. iamjoel5's Avatar
    Then just pop the batt back in and turn back on your phone and check it then lemme know
    07-15-08 01:15 PM
  20. iamjoel5's Avatar
    Also, if that doesn't fix it, sometimes your device will get low on memory so it starts deleting and/or disabling(inbox) certain function in your inbox and call log 1st (even if you have a memory chip). There is only so much memory allocated to the device itself therefore many apps or just alot of mssgs in inbox can cause it to act funny. So just delete a bunch of your inbox that you dont need...especially the ones that are big in size - like pictures, emails and such; or delete a recently added or unneeded app if u have quiet a few
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    07-15-08 01:26 PM