1. larrym's Avatar
    I'm sure this is covered here somewhere. But being a new Blackberry user (convert from windows mobile 5.0) I have not found the answer.

    I have 2 message icons that both seem to have my email messages. 1 is titles messages, the other is titled with my pop3 email address. Can anyone tell me what is the differnece and should I just delete 1 of them. They both seem to have the same incoming and outgoing messages in them?????
    02-16-08 08:47 PM
  2. chaz_cb's Avatar
    "messages" is for all messages - all email addresses, sms, mms, and phone log if you set it up that way. Email address-specific is just that.
    02-16-08 09:18 PM
  3. feetr2c's Avatar
    The Blackberry is capable of managing multiple e-mail accounts. Each account you make will result in the creation of a dedicated message icon for that account only. The icon that has the name "Messages" will show ALL messages from all accounts.

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    02-16-08 09:19 PM
  4. darks1de's Avatar
    Tne "Message" icon is the main message folder so all your incoming/outgoing emails/messages are stored.

    The other one is specifically for the pop3 email address its assigned to.

    You only have one email address being pushed to your 8830?
    If you add another address then another icon will appear.

    You can hide them to reduce screen clutter and view them all in the "Message", thats what i do.
    02-16-08 09:23 PM
  5. Cyba Cowboy's Avatar
    If you login to your E-Mail/BlackBerry/BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) settings, which will be available directly on your device and/or through a "regular" Internet site (depending on your service provider), you can assign a "friendly" name to your e-mail accounts... For example, my forum account is called "Cyba Cowboy" and this is what is shown on the Home screen of my BlackBerry Curve 8300, rather than "myusername@mydomain.com".
    02-17-08 03:18 AM