1. Ankerstein69's Avatar
    Eh I got a quick question.

    I have been on a contract on the cell phone carrier telus for about a year and 4 months. I have a blackberry torch on that. Now I recently bought another telus phone, off my buddy and its a bold 9700. Now I placed my sim card into the phone and transfered contacts and everything. my plan is to use both phones on a regular basis; one for a work phone and the other for just a daily driver.

    I talked to telus and they said to me their wont be any additional costs on my cell phone bill. I for some reason have a hunch different. SHould I expect any additional costs onto my bill?
    03-04-12 02:43 AM
  2. JNM's Avatar
    There should be no reason for you to be charged anything additional for switching between phones.
    03-04-12 02:59 AM
  3. akk60's Avatar
    Why will there be any additional charges if you use the same amount of data that you used to use ?
    03-04-12 08:48 AM
  4. AugustArborists's Avatar
    I switch between my 9810 and 9900 every couple of weeks, and I have never seen an additional charge. The only problem is having to re-add my BBM contacts, once in a while the switch loses them despite a backup.
    03-04-12 09:17 AM