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    Wow. I've been looking around since I sent the CEO (according to Ashley in customer service, he actually reads them - my guess is he has someone review them and inform him of important ones) my notice that if they don't announce a date for supporting the BlackBerry Playbook with at least an Android app (which they already have) to AppWorld, I would cancel my account on March 15th.

    I did not know that you could actually rent movies directly from Disney. I actually never watched movies on abc.com on the Playbook. There are just a ton of places we can get free video content. A few bookmarks and I'm starting to wonder why have Netflix at all.

    I'm not much of a movie watcher. I'll watch one, maybe two movies a week, so I didn't really put much effort into things outside of news, which I do try to keep up with. But wow! Netflix better be careful. Each time they upset a group of users, like Playbook owners, they could come to find out that their service is not so unique in the first place. Besides, everyone I show my Playbook to is just blown away so they are keeping content from a growing base. The Playbook is just awesome in my view.

    I absolutely respect the fact that some of us in CrackBerry land won't care to cancel their accounts with Netflix even if they don't support us. However, if you don't think it is right for Netflix to support the Playbook please call them at 1 888 811 1933 and tell them so. It is not about the 17 bucks or so I will save or use elsewhere for entertainment but rather the principle of Netflix denying content to BlackBerry.

    Now, I'll go watch abc This Week with George Stephanopoulos on my Playbook.

    Go Playbook!
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    I've been in communication with netflix since May concerning their service on the PlayBook, I got tired of the "run around" and discontinued my service in November. I haven't looked back, the PlayBook does so much more than to worry about a netflix app
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    Do we really need any more of these threads?
    Much less a new one everyday for the next two weeks?

    We get it already.


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    Plenty of other "cancel netflix" threads out there. Just add to one of the others please.
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