1. blue200316's Avatar
    when will i win a blackberry??
    12-31-07 01:47 AM
  2. silver's Avatar
    congrats. your special if your weinner. lol.
    12-31-07 02:39 AM
  3. Scott403540's Avatar
    Have a great vacation Kevin. In the meantime I will have to decide what software I want because I'm a winner of the 6th day of Crackberry - this site is awesome!
    12-31-07 06:24 AM
  4. ThatsAngel's Avatar
    my luck has got to change some time soon! it has to!
    12-31-07 10:42 AM
  5. Eddyj90's Avatar
    scott, a word of advice

    you can do a trial with all the softwares.

    i dontknow about all your devices but the bb email smartviewer wasnt too great on mine.... really really slow.
    12-31-07 04:55 PM
  6. BigB's Avatar

    I won something!

    12-31-07 07:41 PM
  7. nightstar's Avatar
    Woo hoo... At last; I've actually won something! (Feeling rather chuffed with one's self!)
    12-31-07 08:21 PM
  8. Scott403540's Avatar
    scott, a word of advice

    you can do a trial with all the softwares.

    i dontknow about all your devices but the bb email smartviewer wasnt too great on mine.... really really slow.

    Thanks Eddy. Actually once I reviewed the options it looks like the choice is going to be easy. I already have EmpowerMailViewer (which I usually keep off but toggle on when I get an e-mail with lots of code) and I also have Colour your Trackball - looks like Mobylo Alarm for me!

    Happy new year Crackberry addicts!
    01-01-08 07:30 AM
  9. crimsonandgold's Avatar
    congrats everybody on the 8th day
    01-01-08 09:51 AM
  10. Mini2Go's Avatar
    This means that I'm down to only 42 chances left to win something.

    Without filtering out dupes, there seems to be a rough average of 700 entries per day, meaning that the chances of winning over last few days is (very roughly):

    1 in 67

    Using these rough figures, the chances of winning on each of the next few days is (at worst):

    9th Day: 1 in 78
    10th Day: 1 in 70
    11th Day: 1 in 64
    12th Day: 1 in 58

    I must say that those are pretty darn good odds these days! Here's hoping I win something!
    01-01-08 12:52 PM
  11. jeffkoz's Avatar
    Have a good vacation!
    Enjoy a mojito or two!
    Look forward to your contact when you return.
    01-01-08 08:51 PM
  12. cbs2669's Avatar
    witzcap won 2 days in a row? this thing is rigged
    01-02-08 10:28 AM
  13. witzcap's Avatar
    Come on, don't be a hater! I never win anything, can't you just be happy for me
    01-02-08 12:17 PM
  14. cbs2669's Avatar
    Obviously you do...I'm just giving you a hard time. I want to win something!!
    However, saying the contest is rigged might not help my chances....
    Last edited by cbs2669; 01-02-08 at 03:29 PM.
    01-02-08 03:19 PM
  15. dacur's Avatar
    Three days left to win! Good luck!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    01-02-08 03:26 PM
  16. applejosh's Avatar
    I just noticed the results, and I want to thank Crackberry for the sixth day prize. I'll probably be getting the MultiAlarm since I recently bought a competing HTML viewer and the ColorPearl app doesn't work on my 8130.

    Crackberry rocks!

    Thank you again.
    01-02-08 05:47 PM
  17. Mini2Go's Avatar
    Ack. Another day I didn't win.
    01-03-08 03:27 PM
  18. eyemabug's Avatar
    Is there another thread for this coz i dont see my name in it???
    01-03-08 06:34 PM
  19. cate's Avatar
    congrats to all the winners!
    01-03-08 06:38 PM
  20. cbs2669's Avatar
    Only 2 days left. Hope I get lucky.
    Hope I win something in the contest too...j/k
    01-03-08 10:28 PM
  21. R33C3's Avatar
    Happy Holidays everyone and thanks for participating in the 12 Days of CrackBerry Holiday Giveaway! I'll be using this thread to announce all 78 Winners as the winning names are drawn each day!

    12 Days of CrackBerry Winners!

    1st Day of CrackBerry:

    2nd Day of CrackBerry:
    slip415, corky876

    3rd Day of CrackBerry:
    surfanimal, the_elf, sjuno

    4th Day of CrackBerry:
    jayhmedina, nightstar, BigB, bartystewart

    5th Day of CrackBerry:
    SSchweitzer, jibi, o1sowise, DClagett, Indyjohn61

    6th Day of CrackBerry:
    prontoedmundo, rrrebo, sher_zx6r, Scott403540, jsdailey, applejosh

    7th Day of CrackBerry:
    musicsmydrug, nakpr01, jeffkoz, bulbboy, rosho, Ginx, nextelnutt

    8th Day of CrackBerry:
    Mr. H, ting, dtd, bluesource, jwesl, witzcap, lcjackson, dirtypirate

    9th Day of CrackBerry:
    dehelmi, avanden, tcrockett, witzcap, jason25, cdang, neurodoc, R33C3,

    10th Day of CrackBerry:
    Solachica, kkrueger, ChiefPropellerhead, speedpro84, mprice, cinnamin, tabcourt, Sayuuk,
    bubbadirect, ligdog

    11th Day of CrackBerry:
    bbsadaj, TxTilly, kawaski47, adrisen, jsanders, danielnk, thebaap, nadia518,
    wired, dajvid, apzaz

    All Winners will be contacted by email following the 12 Days of CrackBerry Giveaway (week of January 7th to 11th). Many people are away on holidays at this time of year, so we will wait until the 12 Days of Crackberry are over to then get the prizes out to all of the winners. Please ensure the email address associated with your CrackBerry.com account is current.

    I WON!! Nd Ive On Had My Account Like 2 Weeks
    01-04-08 02:36 PM
  22. renegade37918's Avatar
    congrats winners.. good luck to me tomorrow. i need to win something. lol
    01-04-08 04:00 PM
  23. jorge628's Avatar
    Please pick me!!!!! Lol... I love this site and I'll continue to praise it, even if I don't get randomly chosen!!!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    01-04-08 08:55 PM
  24. jsanders's Avatar
    Woohoo! thank you Kevin and thank you Crackberry and Speck cases.
    01-05-08 08:02 AM
  25. cheungsta's Avatar
    CONGRATS TO ALL 78 WINNERS!!! This was an AWESOME sweepstakes / contest....(of course, I might be a bit biased....lol)

    01-05-08 12:34 PM
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