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    I am going to be traveling to Israel and got a great rate on a Blackberry data SIM card for my BB Tour. It is $5 for 100MB GPRS and 100MB WAP a day. Is that enough data? I am a heavy BBM user and also may want to use google maps, as well as watching KU basketball games on ESPN's mobile site.

    I currently have an Unlimited data plan from sprint, so i have no idea whether I go through that or not each day. I also don't know what the difference between GPRS and WAP is. Can anyone help me out? or maybe you know of a better deal on an Israeli SIM card that has unlimited blackberry data.

    Thanks CB Community!!
    02-25-10 04:16 PM
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    Sorry...I DO know what WAP and GPRS is...I solved that quickly. I still need help on the rest!
    02-25-10 04:20 PM
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    Where did you get that rate? There are no unlimited BIS plans in Israel.
    02-25-10 04:34 PM
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    I got it through Israelphones.com. This is the link to it:

    Israel Phones
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    02-25-10 04:39 PM
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    Ok, that's pretty expensive, but there are no unlimited data plans in Israel and a 150MB per month BIS package would be around 30 dollars.

    As far as streaming video goes, you can probably eat up 100MB pretty quickly. I don't see voice calls included in the BlackBerry plan, did they give you any info?

    You can go month to month with Orange, how long will you be there?
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    02-25-10 04:42 PM
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    I posted a link in the edited reply above your last comment. I will be there for 10 days. and the rate is available to anyone! I just got off the phone with sprint customer service and they said that I probably wont come close to 100MB a day even if i was streaming music for some of it.
    02-25-10 04:43 PM
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    That's not true. An average MP3 is about 3M per song, that's only 30 songs until you hit 100MB, video is much worse.

    For 10 days I don't think it's worth it to try to do anything else. But they don't indicate they include voice calls with that plan, did you make arrangements?
    02-25-10 04:50 PM
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    That's about 3 albums worth, so figure an hour and a half or two of music and you hit 100M.
    02-25-10 04:51 PM
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    I havent done it yet, I am still searching around for something better. There is voice with that but it is "pay-as-you-go". But if i have BBM and Email I probably wont make too many phone calls simply to save money.
    02-25-10 04:55 PM
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    It's going to be tough to do better. For 50 bucks it's not bad, but they should give you some voice minutes. How much are they charging for voice? The going rate is about 16-18 cents per minute on normal cell plans.
    02-25-10 04:57 PM
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    IsraelPhones pay-go rates are usually $0.19/mi in network and $0.38/min out of network and international.

    You can't realy compare them to regular carriers as their business model revolves around short term phone rental for casual users.
    02-26-10 08:47 AM
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    Enjoy your trip, and give yourself a vacation from streaming music and sports. In the future, when you look back on your trip, you won't want your BlackBerry to be the first thing you remember.

    But I think $5 a day for your data plan is very reasonable. Get it, BBM a little, check your scores when you need to, and relax!
    02-26-10 09:00 AM
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    Talk'n'Save is another company that does rentals for Israel, and they have Blackberry packages too, and I got a tip - they are trying to plug their service, so if you email advertising @talknsave.net they'll match IsraelPhone's rental rates and their calls are cheaper too.

    If you go to their site, talknsave.net, it's under the 'phones and SIM cards' menu.

    (Note, I never used the service - I don't have a BB yet - but I want to get one...!)
    03-01-10 03:48 AM