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    Hey guys! I have a Q10, which I bought off Amazon a year ago, and it's running on T-Mobile US. I finally got my 10.3.1 update OTA, and thought I'd share some tips about my results:

    1. The update takes a WHILE. It would not allow me to perform it over my 4G, it had to be over WiFi. I guess I'm just used to BlackBerry only giving me little updates that are done in 2 minutes. The update took just over 90 minutes.

    2. While it required about 2.5GB of free space, rest assure that when it's finally over the memory consumption will balance out. It's as if it first downloads the 2.5GB 10.3.1 software on top of your original software, then during the installation process it removes the old software and puts 10.3.1 in it's place. I'm sure the geeks are thinking "no duh Shirlock" to this but for me it was a pleasant surprise.

    3. MY CONTACTS WERE DELETED!! not sure why, but all my contacts stored on my phone vanished. Take necessary precaution when you update!

    4. The update reset *some* of my settings, such as my wallpaper. Anticipate having to go through your settings again having to change them back to your preference.

    5. It now limits the length of my contacts' names to 13 characters when he/she carries an accented letter, such as Polish "ł." By changing it to "l" it then accepted the same name length.

    6. The new calendar, in my opinion, is less sophisticated and simple-looking than the calendar of the previous OS. (see photo) BUT...

    7. I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH 10.3.1, it's crisp, so much more functional, and much more refined.
    ***10.3.1 update tips/warnings***-img_20150226_203143.png

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    02-26-15 07:40 PM
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    Unfortunately i think you had a bad experience, cause i never have had any of these problems. sorry hope you get it all fixed up.
    02-26-15 07:44 PM
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    Take a look in these threads for more information and join the discussions in progress. We're trying to keep theese as the primary threads for sharing info.


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    02-26-15 10:07 PM

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