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    Can i log into my bb protect from another phone that already has a bb protect account linked to it, so i can access my data?
    My phone is dead and im trying to access my data through my girlfriends bb which already has bb protect linked to her bb id. I cant find any way of logging of from her account then in to mine. Please help
    02-07-12 08:29 AM
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    The ~BB protect user guide says this, but i cant find an option for signing out.

    Sign in to the BlackBerry Protect application using a different BlackBerry
    1. In the BlackBerry Protect application on your BlackBerrydevice, press the Menu key > Options.
    2. In the BlackBerry ID section, click Sign Out.
    3. Click Sign Out again.
    4. Type the login information for the BlackBerry ID that you want to use to sign in to BlackBerry Protect.
    5. Click Sign In.
    02-07-12 08:32 AM