1. dcscott's Avatar
    I'm looking at new BT headsets and noticed that some will allow simultaneous connection to two phones. This would be a great feature for me but I've got two naive questions. 1) If you initiate a voice dial from the headset which phone does the call go through? Is there a way to set this? 2) What happens if you are talking on one phone and a call comes through on the other?

    06-03-08 10:45 AM
  2. Marine39's Avatar
    1. Depends on your headset. I have a Jabra BT8040 and voice dialing is dialed from the last paired phone.

    2. If you are talking on one and the other one rings, the headset will ignore the connection attempt from the second phone and continue the first call.

    These options might be manufacturer dependent though, so be sure to check the instructions for each individual device!

    Semper Fi,

    06-03-08 02:04 PM