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    Still when I hit invite link never works. After people set it up they have no idea where to go. I personally have to show them to get anything out of BBM for them. Its easy for us BlackBerry users but newbies it is tough. Shouldn't be so tough. Seams like ios peeps have the hardest time.

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    02-18-14 12:49 PM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    I'm not sure either. Although I have had no trouble inviting cross platform users. And them me.
    02-24-14 12:55 PM
  3. gnirkatto's Avatar
    The issue is that once they have received the invitation email and managed to get through the installation/registration process, they would have to re-invite the person who sent them the invitation.
    Nobody at all gets this. In the meanwhile, I have more than 10 invitations pending in my list, most of them installed it but then they wait for something to happen, but nothing ever happens, as the next step is with them. But they don't know!

    In my case, I will have to call all the pending invitees by phone (!) and tell them to invite me, or else we'll never connect. How ridiculous is that?

    There is currently a window of opportunity, as really many Whatsapp users are in desperate search for a replacement. I'm being called for advice 4 or 5 times a day by friends, as I have an overview on what's out there. BBM is not an option for ANYBODY. They heard about Threema, Viber, Line etc., but BBM is either unknown, or they refuse to use it because the think that the handling is cr***y or they tell that they got desperate over the invitation process, or they tell that they can't find friends (because of the recommendations not working properly!) or they miss certain group features, or all of that together.

    I'm getting kind of desperate over this - this is probably the last chance for BBM to become really big - AND THEY ARE JUST MISSING IT! AGAIN! I've been trying to do what I can to convert or to convince as many people as possible, but due to the issues I described (one of them being invitation), I feel like running against rubber walls sometimes.
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    02-24-14 01:24 PM
  4. gnirkatto's Avatar
    And a message to BBRY:

    why on earth do you not dedicate ALL resources that you have to addressing these well known issues?

    Instead, you are rolling out pointless stuff like stickers and nice to have features like channels.

    I just don't get that, it makes no sense at all.
    02-24-14 01:28 PM
  5. jonduran86's Avatar
    People are lazy man. Which is why I think Whatsapp have the amount of users that they have. Its already all there for them. They can find a better solution I'm sure but its honestly not that hard
    02-24-14 01:52 PM
  6. baspeed's Avatar
    And as we mention it BlackBerry does nothing to fix it. I just don't understand some of the thinking. People need to be fired and get a guy or girl who promises to make it easy to use BBM. Its like when they add me they have themselves at the top and me and have no idea to hold to edit profile or how to even send a message. Doesn't seam tough to make the first five steps EASY. Hello

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    02-25-14 06:26 AM
  7. Mellfee's Avatar
    Yeah this is all true. I only just got my Z10 and before that I was on BB7. I'd all but stopped using BBM because 99% of my friends have iPhones. It took me a while to get them to use whats app so I could IM them. Now I've deleted whats app and want to get back on to BBM but my friends are so anti-blackberry it makes my head spin. Jonduran said it; people ARE lazy; fact.

    I found this thread because when I tried searching for a friend in BBM I realised I'd gotten used to the whatsapp way. Because it works with your phone number only you can invite people straight from your contacts. I don't think Blackberry will ever have a majority of users again because you need a brain and make some effort to use one.
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    02-25-14 11:18 AM
  8. Caulibeam's Avatar
    I sure as hell would like a share on fb wall link.

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    02-27-14 12:24 AM
  9. baspeed's Avatar
    I sure as hell would like a share on fb wall link.

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    As big as BlackBerry is one would think. Shows why no one knows they have great phones anymore.

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    03-01-14 04:18 PM

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