04-24-14 10:09 AM
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  1. Qurve's Avatar
    Based in Europe and it seems the problem is across the board. Androids can call my Q1O, but when I call them there's nothing happening on their phones to indicate a voice call is coming in, yet I get a proper dialling tone...

    CB10 + my Q2^3+2
    04-19-14 11:43 AM
  2. Gerii's Avatar
    BlackBerry no longer has the manpower or talent to fix the OS or fix BBM. Chen's goal is to kill BlackBerry.

    via CB10 using a Z10 / STL100-3 / RFK121LW / / T-Mobile USA
    It's the old management that did the cuts. Chen actually said that he will hire people in some areas where he sees the need.

    Posted via CB10
    04-19-14 11:48 AM
  3. wizkid313's Avatar
    Been a couple of weeks. Tried tweeting blackberry too in vain.

    Posted via CB10
    04-19-14 11:53 AM
  4. Thesmartmale's Avatar
    It's been more than a couple of weeks, it's been about a month now, Europe, Middle East, parts of North America, they are all suffering from this issue.

    I talked to BlackBerry help and they ended up telling me to call my carrier and tell them to approach BlackBerry technical support even though it's clearly not a carrier issue.

    Posted via CB10
    04-19-14 04:05 PM
  5. Qurve's Avatar
    Shame on BlackBerry for not officially recognizing the issue...(even if it's server changes in preparation for BBMx video...)

    CB10 + my Q2^3+2
    04-20-14 04:59 AM
  6. Fazal M's Avatar

    I too experienced this issue on BBM for android from March 24th onwards. About 10 take-your-own-sweet time email exchanges, time stamps, call timings and log exchanges later with 3 different people finally resulted in BBM voice call working.

    It was a "Technical Infrastructure issue" apparently and at first the BBM tech guys even refused to acknowledge this problem. Later on in the technical support pages the issue was listed


    and as of April 18th the Latest Android for BBM update has fixed this issue!

    This is the solution for all android users. During the blockade only a Z10 friend could call me and nobody else could, neither could i call bbm/android/iOS

    Fortunately the HD voice is still rocking as before and it is very stable which helps in zero lag and we can hold conversations for more than an hour like good old days.

    If the update is not working for Android users I would suggesting posting on the official bbm for android support thread where this problem is being discussed, it will surely get noticed.

    I am from India.
    04-24-14 10:09 AM
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