1. The_Master_Ch3f's Avatar
    I have tried to call a contact on BBM for weeks. I have never been able to connect for a call once. It will ring and ring and then say "user" is not currently available, try again later.

    - I have tried contacting Blackberry support, but am receiving absolutely no help from them.

    - My primary phone is a Droid DNA, but I have tried calling on an iPhone 4s as well and still no connection.

    - On my Droid the call button is ALWAYS green, on the iPhone it is always gray.

    - She has no problems calling anyone else on BBM, it is just me.

    Please if someone can find out what is going on, it would be greatly appreciated because I am getting ready to abandon BBM all together.
    11-30-14 06:40 AM
  2. mrfreeze's Avatar
    What OS versions on each device?

    I use BBM voice everyday at work because we have terrible cell service. It worked terrible and then my boss upgraded to an iPhone 6 and I upgraded to leak. Now it works great every time. He had an iPhone 5 and I think that was the issue. They are known for terrible wifi.
    11-30-14 04:25 PM

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