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    Lots of opinions lately about the prospect of BBM charging for some of it's "premium" features but at least they've got a plan!

    The messaging apps have been focusing on # of users rather than making money but that will change soon, if not they'll run out of cash and close up shop or be acquired and merged into one of the remaining platforms.

    We should all be interested in what the plans are to earn money. Is it selling your information, pushing ads, charging a usage fee, etc. ?Nothing is going to be free even if it is currently as they have a business to run developers to pay any server fees.
    Whatsapp CEO has recently said they are still focused on adding users and will monetize later, in other words, now that they have Facebook money behind them they can try to outlive and bankrupt their competitors before they start charging you ( they currently have the 0.99 fee they don't enforce) .

    For BBM, I don't think retractable messages and snapchat type timed pictures is really worth charging for, but BlackBerry do have a plan to earn revenue through eBBM, BBM Money, BBM mobile credit transfers, BBM meetings, etc., so they might find the sweet spot if they do it right, "free" for the features that most of us use messaging and charging for features commonly used by business or professionals that are less resistant to shell out $. Good plan, I just hope they do it right.

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    11-04-14 10:42 AM
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    If BBM had a huge base of actual users they could make strategies around this product, but, as free alternatives are more popular I don't believe BBM will be the cash cow they are expecting it to be (if I assume what you've just described is BlackBerry 's strategy)

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    11-10-14 07:32 PM
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    They do need to get users first to have who to make money from

    11-10-14 07:46 PM
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    None of them make money becasue these services are just not worth paying for. We already have internet.Its a loosing game charging people on a services when plenty simple free methods available on the web.video chat and voice calling do not warrant fees its 2014 this not 90's and early 2000's voip,video are not technical marvels anymore.Nor super expensive you can argue that all you want.There's just too many free services .To tell us you will charge people making all these pricings or whatever is lauaghable.We are not goverments need super versions with sound,visuals.

    Anyway from what I have see is BBM,instagram,Twitter one of the asian apps that sell stickers can make ****load of money talking 10-50+ mill a year easily.Especially twitter,instagram quite easily even though its messed up with fake names etc. BBM will never reach its potential cause of people in charge.Who have no clue what to do with it.In this era its a ecommerce tool its already been communicating this not its role now.Those in charge just move too slow to do anything and take the risk.We should of been selling items on channels ages ago instead we stuck with this abandoned project.Just another small community social app that does nothing.Just keeps people linking us out of the app to the point that we might as well not use it or click anything with a link.Cause it keeps taking you away from content.

    Overall in long run money would be on a FB owned company or the asians.FB have a clear plan zuckerberg dont play and is brutal.He really wants to make money out of social wants to stay uptop and own .When one of those companies work it out will be too late for BB.Channels would probably shut down because its was going nowhere.You have to really start doubting the numbers of users BBM actually have due to such slow progress.
    11-14-14 04:45 PM

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