1. Will Jackson1's Avatar
    I have exams and want to delete bbm to avoid any distractions. It's on android and I was wondering if all my contacts will still be there when I install it again? Will I get any messages which were sent in the time I deleted it? Also, how will I appear to my contacts?
    12-09-13 12:46 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    They should be all backed up to your BBID. Messages expire after a while if they don't get delivered. ON BB10, your contacts won't be able to tell what's going on, they will only see the messages get the red x of never delivered. On BBOS, you'll appear dimmed and they too will get red xs.

    Can't you simpply put the phone on Calls only and disable LED notifications?

    Surely BBM isn't the only IM you have in there...
    12-09-13 12:48 PM

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