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    I have 2 out-of-town iPhone friends who were nice enough to start using BBM with me as they know I love it on my Z10. They seem to like it, playing with timed messages etc., but I am frustrated as, instead of a D or R, sometimes a check mark appears, on my phone, beside the message that I sent. It stays there for days, or even weeks, and they do not seem to get the message. Also, I have the flashing red LED to tell me there is a BBM message from them whereas they say they do not know if I sent a message unless they check for one. Are we doing something wrong or are these just bugs that will be fixed with updates?

    TCB on Z10
    01-31-15 01:27 PM
  2. conite's Avatar
    A check means it was successfully sent from your device.

    D means it's been received by the other person's device.

    R means the receiver read the message.

    If the check mark lingers, it usually means the other person has his phone off, or does not have bbm running.

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    01-31-15 01:46 PM

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