1. Rohan Sadula's Avatar
    I noticed a sinister thing on bbm group chat. The time stamp is derived from the device which is sending the chat.
    Now if there are 2 devices on the group and clock of one device is behind the other, the chats typed on the group will become asynchronous.

    device 1 current time 10:15 >> Hi. What plans for weekend??
    Device 2 current time 10:13. >> Hola. Let's go to the beach

    BBM group chat will show

    10:13 hola. Let's go to the beach
    10:15 Hi, what plans for weekend??

    When this happens on a larger group, it becomes a mess of information and mis-communication arises.

    Hope BBM resolves it

    08-24-14 11:22 PM
  2. QXS's Avatar
    Once I set my clock 5 months ahead and a BBM group of 40+ people had to be migrated.... never again.
    08-24-14 11:41 PM

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