1. jmsbb's Avatar
    When messaging some of my more talkative contacts, I have noticed BBM being really slow to deliver messages. It speeds up again after we "End Chat" and start again, and I suspect the chat may have been overloaded.
    Is there a way to get BBM to remove messages once they get to a certain age? 2 weeks would be optimum, I would rarely if ever have to go back and reference something that old.
    You used to be able to do it for text messages, "keep messages for 2 weeks" but not BBM.
    Any ideas, anyone?
    03-10-16 11:36 PM
  2. dietertong's Avatar
    There is no option for that in BBM
  3. Brian Aguilar2's Avatar
    Try the settings
    I'm sure their should be a way to set a timer

    Posted via CB10
    03-11-16 01:28 AM
  4. dietertong's Avatar
    There is no option for that in BBM
    03-11-16 08:19 AM
  5. chetmanley's Avatar
    Yes there is. You need BBM protected. You can set the timer to burn the chat after any period of time measured in minutes. I have mine set to 48 hours.
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    03-12-16 07:23 AM
  6. jmsbb's Avatar
    How do I do that?
    03-29-16 06:01 PM
  7. MrGlenn's Avatar
    Create a BBM Group, add your friend, and set the Chat history to whatever period you want. For regular users Chat history settings are only available in Groups.

    You can use 1-on-1 chats if you have to send files or whatever occasionally and you can use the Group for 'spammy' conversations. There are only a few options missing from Groups so you should be able to do most of your chatting there.

    BlackBerry 10, Passport signed.
    03-29-16 06:33 PM
  8. chetmanley's Avatar
    How do I do that?

    Once its set up, you control BBM Protected settings via the enterprise consol in a browser.
    03-30-16 03:10 AM

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