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    Sorry in advance for the long post. Just tried to explain my point well
    Would like to start by saying BBM is an awesome messenger, the experience is the best.
    But the problem with cross platform BBM is that it's not performing the way it actually should.
    There a lot of bugs. I have been experiencing some myself.
    The First and foremost, it doesn't always deliver messages instantly. This is THE most irritating thing, I have been facing this with many of my contacts, it just shows a tick, no D. Messages just don't go instantly to everyone. As a messenger app, the first thing you want is your messages to reach reliably and fast. One update rectifies it, another one brings back things to the same. I get my friends to join BBM and then so many of them face this that it just doesn't work reliably. Doesn't deliver messages in a instant. I'll just give you an instance: there are two products in the market, you try both. One of them is brilliant, the experience is awesome. It's secure and everything but does not perform the basic job uniformly and reliably. Then there is this other products which fails in all other departments but does the basic job very reliably. As a normal consumer which one will u choose? I hope you are getting my point. The most important bug to fix and the feature to have should be that BBM works like it should: Fast, instantaneous, awesome. It works reliably for everyone. If we can achieve that, one thing is sure, people won't use anything other than BBM. At this point I have actually become scared to update BBM fearing a couple of extra features may ruin my whole experience.
    Some little suggestions that I would like to make to better the overall experience.
    Say when I am in a chat, when I press on the area showing the Display picture of the contact, it first takes me to the profile and then I have to again press on the display picture area to see the display picture. I would want that when in a chat if I press the Display picture area it should directly open the display picture. If I press on the remaining bar, it should take me to the profile.
    In BBOS when I was on the chats list as soon as I started typing it would search all my contacts and display the contacts according to the input keyed in. Now I have to go the Contatcs tab and then only can I search my contacts. Kills time. If I type from the chats list, it must automatically search the contacts , makes things faster. Just like on BBOS.
    In BBOS one could update statuses right from the chat list because the upper tab displaying my name and status was divided into two parts : pressing the status bar would automatically give me the option to edit, delete or update my status. Now it will first take me to my profile and then when I press on the status field can I update my status. Again makes things longer. This feature should also be implemented just like in BBOS. Makes things faster. Also whenever, I already had a personal message set, if I pressed on the personal messages bar, the whole message would be selected so that I could delete the whole thing at one go and start typing a new message immediately. In BB10, my previous personal message isn't highlighted which means I have to deleted the entire message before I start typing a new one. Again taking extra time. Implement this feature just like it was in BBOS. Will really save time and feel like things are moving.
    Multiple pictures sharing. Please get this feature as soon as possible. It beats me why we don't have it yet. Is a real pain even if I have to send 5 pictures.
    Auto save Media. This ofcourse can be an option so users can have it as per their preference.
    Ability to save multiple pictures at once. Say you have implemented the auto save media feature but I have it turned off, and one day I get around 15 pictures at once. I need to save them all. I should be able to select multiple pictures at once and save them at once. The same option should be available for request higher quality pictures as well. Say I received 10 pictures, I want a Higher Quality version of them all, I should be able to select multiple pictures, and from there request a higher quality of them all and also as mentioned above after selecting multiple pictures if needed, ability save multiple pictures at once.
    While it's obviously required to scale down pictures to send them but BBM scales them down way too much. Pictures become anything between 25-35KB. Which is way too less. Pictures should not be scaled down to below 55KB. Unfortunately, it's easier and better to share pictures on whatsapp. Would really like that too change.
    Dark theme. The option should also be made available for other platforms to give everyone a uniform BBM experience.
    Please never release updates for other platforms and first and then for BlackBerry even if your releasing the one for BlackBerry with some extra features. It's really unfair for BlackBerry users. Either they should be released at the same time for all platforms or for BlackBerry before others. Never after the others. And by updates I don't mean maintainenece updates.
    There should be an option to select multiple smileys at once. For Q devices for example holding the Alt key can enable one to select multiple smileys. Should be implemented for Z devices as well. Would be a welcome feature.
    Also why has the smiley composition changed from : to = ? Well it doesnt make a difference for BB10 devices because it still recognises smileys entered with : but at time sending smileys to a BBOS device, from any other platform doesnt show the particular smiley, instead just shows the special characters. Happens with the crying smiley. Why was the change required? : did the job perfectly. Dont change things which are already doing the job good enough and dont need change. Change isnt ALWAYS good. Also dont make smileys case sensitive. Smileys on BBOS werent case sensitive, on BB10 they are. The cant watch smiley does not accept different cases, in BBOS it used to. All these points are with regard to me using the keyboard to enter the smileys instead of opening the smiley drop down. Saves time to use the keyboard.
    Try to get Video calling feature cross platform. Icing on the cake would be screen share.
    Really appreciate the last release of BBM which really optimised it for Q devices. How the bottom and top bars hide when browsing updates, chat lists and chats. Good work!
    There can be a keyboard shortcut for Accessing the smileys: Pressing the Alt+Sym Key should bring up the smileys in a fashion similar to how it was brought in the BBOS devices: each smiley on a letter. While on BBOS this was brought it by the Sym key, but one had to browse through the special characters pages to reach smileys.
    So having a dedicated shortcut to access smileys would save time and be convenient for those who dont like shifting between the keyboard and the Touch screen. Basically on pressing Alt + Sym Key will open a Smileys page where each letter is assigned a specific smiley. Pressing the Sym Key will take you to the next page of smileys.
    07-11-14 09:16 AM
  2. Dan Tao's Avatar
    Yes, can not delivery messages instantly, that is the worst bug! I get my way to another instant messaging app, wechat. It's very nice!

    Posted via BlackBerry Q10
    07-11-14 09:24 AM
  3. AmritD's Avatar
    Yes, can not delivery messages instantly, that is the worst bug! I get my way to another instant messaging app, wechat. It's very nice!

    Posted via BlackBerry Q10
    Exactly ! You shouldn't need to do that.
    07-11-14 09:29 AM
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    When you post stories like this, can you please add a line break in between the paragraphs
    07-11-14 09:37 AM
  5. AmritD's Avatar
    When you post stories like this, can you please add a line break in between the paragraphs
    Sorry about that man, actually pasted it from my mail so I guess didn't Align perfectly. Will keep it in mind from the next time.
    07-11-14 09:53 AM

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