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    If you’re wondering where in the world BBM remains most popular, as measured via searches of this single BBM directory service, the top 10 countries performing searches are as follows:

    India – 11%
    south Africa – 11%
    Nigeria – 9%
    Egypt – 8%
    United Kingdom – 8%
    Indonesia – 8%
    United Arab Emirates – 5%
    Malaysia – 5%
    United States – 5%
    Canada – 4%
    The "BBM directory service" in question is Search4BBM

    Source: BlackBerry Messenger Directory Search App Lands On Android & Charts Uptick In BBM Interest | TechCrunch


    Pic Tagger for BB10 and PlayBook
    12-05-13 12:52 PM
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    This is usage data for a directory service, and not for BBM.

    The percentage are for the top locations that are using this service - which seems to be a very small sampling of BBM users.

    At their best these number show the more popular countries that use this App/Service. What is intersting is this part....

    After that point its fortunes dipped, as you’d expect — in step with declining usage of BlackBerry’s own platform. Founder Barak Hirchson tells TechCrunch it was getting about 50% less traffic in 2013 than it did in 2012. In 2011 and 2012 it had between 11M to 14M searches per month, but in 2013 this dropped down to a low of between 2M to 4.5M monthly searches.

    However, Hirchson says things have picked up in the past two months — i.e. since BlackBerry liberated BBM from its own walled garden, and allowed it to roam across Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. It’s now seeing 5.5M to 7M searches per month, according to Search4BBM.
    Sounds like they are still at 50% of where they were in 2011/2012.......
    12-06-13 08:25 AM

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