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    I don't post in this channel as often as I should, although I do generally make a post or two when I'm working on an app that I think is really cool. So if you're interested in knowing what new apps are coming from SCrApps, give my channel a follow

    If BlackBerry ever gets promotion codes working, there will be app giveaways.

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    SCrApps App Development Channel-img_20140603_122351.png
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    06-03-14 03:58 PM
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    SCrApps... great dev.

    I'll check out the BBM Channel!
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    06-03-14 04:16 PM
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    Hi Scrapps. I like your apps(crypt ones, or games- drug wars) and I mention it a lot here at CB.... Here is my thought-
    look at this thread:
    maybe you could make a headless app where it will be possible to answer/end a phonecall with the spacebar or one of the keys?

    Thanks SCrApps for the chat. Got all infos I was asking for!

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    06-03-14 04:56 PM

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