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    Given the news today that the Internet will probably be having issues shortly due to old routers employed in the infrastructure, could this have an effect on BBM? Non techie here..

    Z10 STL-103 OS 10.3.296
    08-15-14 10:17 PM
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    Ok, I'll bite. Where did you see that?
    08-15-14 11:22 PM
  3. southlander's Avatar
    Ok, I'll bite. Where did you see that?
    Basically there's a master routing table that has grown too large for some old core Internet routers to fully load into memory.

    Once that happens. Bad things occur.

    The routers affected will probably be replaced.

    But until then and even as replacements happen, traffic gets routed via less effective routes. So it causes general slowing of the Internet and in some cases services can drop depending on the specifics.

    I think Zdnet had a write up on it.

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    08-16-14 12:08 AM
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    Ok, I'll bite. Where did you see that?
    Here you go.


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    08-16-14 12:11 AM

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