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    Just my humble opinion, but I really feel like you should be able to disable channels. This is not a thread about how children or anyone should or shouldn't see adult content, or what should or should or shouldn't be censored for religious or any other reasons.

    I know many individuals and even an organization or two that will have nothing to do with BBM anymore if they are forced into having channels. This is not a threat, but merely me trying to say that this is ridiculous to lose anyone just because they want the rock solid performance of BBM without anything else.

    Maybe this is planned in a future update, as it makes sense to me that if you can block twitter or facebook you should also be able to block channels.
    12-04-13 02:10 PM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    If it's a personal choice, the user can simply avoid joining any Channels. I do see your point for the secured corporate side, though. A company may not want their users to have the option. I can't speak to whether or not BES10 can block that element of BBM only. I subscribe to the theory that the popularity of Channels with business will grow, as a sort of social interaction with clients on a more mature level than Facebook.
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    12-04-13 03:53 PM
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    There is the option to block Facebook and Twitter in Parental Controls, it would therefore make sense for them to add the option to block Channels.

    Posted via CB10
    02-19-14 09:50 PM

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