1. thecoach's Avatar
    Hi everyone - quick question.

    Had a BB a few years ago and sold it off ... who knows where it is now.

    Downloaded BBM for iOS. Enter my e-mail address and it says I have a BBM ID; it then generates a PIN for me to use.

    Do my conversations/contacts I'm having now on iOS show up on that old BBM that may still be in use?

    Thanks in advance.

    11-04-13 09:59 AM
  2. chrizrun30's Avatar
    Don't worry, they won't show up on your old device.
    BlackBerry knows through your BB ID which device you are using right now..
    ghundiraj likes this.
    11-04-13 10:19 AM
  3. thecoach's Avatar
    Awesome, thanks.
    11-04-13 10:23 AM

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