1. Vancityalwaysrains's Avatar
    Okay, reading the many threads in this forum, clearly this is a widespread issue. BBM running on some Android phones will stop working on mobile data after some time and will only work again when the phone is connected to wifi.

    My problem is BBM works when I'm connected to my 4G network for some time, but as hours go by, it will stop working completely, no message delivered, no message received. If I connect my phone to wifi at this point, BBM will work again, all my pending ongoing messages will be delivered and I will receive pending incoming messages all at once. After this, if I turn wifi off and switch back to 4G, BBM will still work, but it will eventually stop working again, until I "reset" it by turning on wifi again.

    Some people say the issue is caused by turning the "BBM connected icon" off from the setting, as it clearly states "Turning off the BBM Connected icon may cause messages to not get delivered, or get delayed if device memory is low". But this is not true, as I still experience the issue even when the BBM connected icon is on. I cant uninstall then reinstall unless I'm on WiFi. If i try to do so over my 4G LTE Koodo network it'll give me a "connection error. Please turn Mobile Data on" msg. ( I do have a data plan)

    What I want to know is, is the issue restricted to a certain Android phone? Or all Android phones in general? So if you're experiencing this issue, please tell us what your Android phone is, what version is your Android OS? and what network are you running on (3G or 4G)?
    11-01-13 05:48 PM
  2. Vancityalwaysrains's Avatar
    Anything from anybody would be useful if possible.
    11-02-13 03:51 PM
  3. km2783's Avatar
    I had something similar happen Friday night. All my Groups got quiet, and then as soon as I hit my home's wifi, 2+ hours worth of messages flooded in over the next 5 minutes -_-

    No idea what to make of it, really.
    11-04-13 01:04 PM

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