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    This says BBM is bottom of list. Snapchat, Skype, BBM not protecting users' privacy, says Amnesty International - Technology & Science - CBC News

    Not sure what it all means really.

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    10-20-16 11:03 PM
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    It means it doesn't look good for Blackberry who supposedly has a reputation for security & privacy. I don't know why Blackberry just doesn't enable it for everyone.

    On a practical matter, I'm not sure if the report card means much. For example, disclosure of government requests where it is allowed. We know that the big guys are often not even allowed to disclose that they have a request. Then there is the security/encryption protocol arguments. Open source? Weak? Strong? Does it matter? Even for the weaker, proprietary methods, for most people, anything short of a government entity or dedicated security tech company is not going to be feasibly be able to get at your stuff. And who are you that they would waste their time on you?

    Don't get me wrong, I believe in everyone's right to privacy and I wish BBM had default end-to-end encryption. But realistically, nobody but the government is snooping on me .... and they would snoop on me with any of the other messengers anyways if they wanted to and I wouldn't even know about it.
    10-21-16 01:10 AM
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    I looked into this earlier this score card isn't right. If you look at protected or bbm enterprise it adds an additional level of encryption to bbms already existing encryption. It uses (regular bbm) the same level of security as when you log into your bank account online. Additionally each message has a cipher to it. And every time bbm is opened it generates an encryption key. I'll look into the documents and post it here later

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    10-21-16 01:22 AM
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    Please continue here:
    BBM not as secure as Apple?
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    10-21-16 02:37 PM

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