1. Davit001's Avatar
    Hello all, I am having a problem I can't find a solution to and wonder if anyone has any ideas or suggestions. It's a little hard to describe, so bear with me.

    My wife and I both have S5s with bbm. We are both members of the same family bbm group (with 14 members). My wife's works fine and does not have the following problem.

    Mine does not receive messages from some random members of the group. I left the group and had the group creator re-add me, and I could see the old messages, including the ones from the member I could not see before. But then, a member I could see before would be missing. I have left and rejoined a number of times, and it keeps happening always with a seemingly random member.

    So, for example:
    Alice (could not see their messages)
    Bob (could see their messages)
    Carl (could see their messages)

    Left group, rejoined

    Alice (could see their messages)
    Bob (could see their messages)
    Carl (could not see their messages)

    Left group, rejoined

    Alice (could see their messages)
    Bob (could not see their messages)
    Carl (could see their messages)

    And so on…

    Has anyone heard of something like this, or have any clue what I should do or try to fix it?

    08-28-14 10:46 PM
  2. Sally Mack's Avatar
    I've seen this happen before in multi-person chats outside of a group, where if one user had blocked another user, then they won't see their messages (in the case I saw it was accidental of course). What you're describing sounds different, but it might be worth checking your "blocked contacts and feeds" list in the settings in the bbm app.
    08-29-14 08:02 PM

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