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    Wouldn't it be great if we could get apps that don't ask for permission to access all out personal data, ie; msgs, photos, files, et cetera.

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    11-24-13 09:39 AM
  2. qbnkelt's Avatar
    I have no problem with apps that ask for the permissions required to achieve what they were created to do. For example, it is perfectly correct for a photo app to request access to my photos.

    However, it is unreasonable for a photo app to have access to my bank account.

    I want to be able to choose permissions.
    11-24-13 09:42 AM
  3. serbanescu's Avatar
    As a developer, I had some problems with users that thought we were trying to steal their data. One of our apps (Calorie Monitor Pro) has a back-up function - it writes a back-up file on the phone's file system. When the user installs the app, the OS gives a standard message that warns the user that the app will get permission to access all his/hers files, photos etc., including the ones saved on the cloud. It is a standard warning for every app that requests the permission to access the file system of the device.

    Our app does not require Internet access permission - so it cannot steal any data. This is clearly stated in the app description and any user can verify it when installing. Nevertheless, there were some users that panicked and gave one-star reviews on BlackBerry World, with harsh accusations of privacy infringement. This type of accusations are very damaging and can kill an app.

    My advice for users is to read the app description in full before buying. Check if the app is seeking Internet access permission without a reasonable explanation. If it doesn't access the Internet, the app cannot steal your data.


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    11-24-13 10:05 AM
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    I always worry about a backdoor being installed. There are a lot of unsavory people in this world.

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    11-24-13 09:46 PM
  5. serbanescu's Avatar
    I always worry about a backdoor being installed. There are a lot of unsavory people in this world.

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    You have legitimate concerns, but, on the other hand, some apps do need to access some device features in order for those apps to work as intended (a picture app has to access the file system, a stock market app has to access the Internet etc.).

    When installing an application on a PC the user is not warned of any features the app will access, so he/she is less concerned with security issues, while in fact is more exposed to fraud.

    Bottom line is, when security concerns are high: read the app description - many vendors provide a list of permissions requested and the reasons for those requests. If you don't find such a list, send an email to the app vendor and ask about them. If you are unconfortable with those app permissions, don't buy the app, but make an informed decision first.


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    11-25-13 03:07 AM

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