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    Hi Guys
    being a blackberry user and loyalist there is some genuine concerns which BBM have to address to become a viable competitor in msg apps and also to generate revenue. Some of the major concerns below and remedy (kevin u listening)

    1) The MAJOR concern is to how to add contacts and users flawless (like wats app) without compromising the Privacy.

    Ans: In tech world there are so many innovative ideas which can be used. the very simple basic idea is the way wats app does it. import the directory for normal users and those ppl who dont wish to be public, they can add pin in their profile.
    there can be 3 options in their profile on who has to use PIN/email for authentication of contacts add in BBM. ie : those who are in phonebook, those who have mail id and those have my PIN.

    consider the case with Linkedin. here everyone can send request but few ppl like ceo etc to add them u have to either send inmail (again a money making opportunity for BBM) or u have to know their email id.
    again dual authentication.

    2) user experience: bbm should seriously consider some flaws and usability in terms of UI design and applicability, some is summerised below.
    a: in group chat why there is a seperate box for pics??? keep it inside chat and make a repository like wats app inside that its just wasting and time consuming, i wish to chat i just wanna go to chat window in one click rather than two clicks or maybe 3. even in pic box the pic and their comments are not proper and take a lot of clicks to even save it.
    b) attach a picture: again a tiresome job of unnesesary clicks remove it make is a single click affair.
    c) design it according to OS ie for ios make it translucent and light, for android keep it same.

    3) Reliability: i suppose the basic function of any chat app is to be reliable, unfortunatly this is not the case with bbm anymore esp with ios users and android users. make a proper quee system and make it sure it delivers on time dont forget its been targetted to business users now.

    thats it, i will send across to the bbm team after reading all your suggestions and things i missed.

    please contribute on 3 scales.
    1) how to monetise BBM in business perspective
    2) how to improve UI
    3) and reliability suggestion.

    thnx for your time and sorry for my mistakes. your suggestions are highly appreciated.
    08-22-14 01:52 PM
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    please contribute on 3 scales.
    1) how to monetise BBM in business perspective

    charge business for the use of BBM Protect.... they are doing that.
    charge business for Business class Channels.... think they are doing that.

    2) how to improve UI

    Get rid of Channels.... doesn't need to be a "part" of BBM, make it a separate app for those that want it.

    3) and reliability suggestion.

    BBM works pretty good on BlackBerry. But their are issues with Groups from time to time.
    Key to real success is making it reliable on iOS and Andorid.... at this point I'm not sure if that will happen. Think the solution is having a powerful enough device where BBM doesn't slow it down and also having a big battery. There are still lots of complaints in both App Stores - really wonder how many are using a two year old iPhone or a $150 Android device that maybe the device is the "weak link".
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    08-22-14 03:27 PM
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    I'm sorry there has been a lot of talk about BBM reliably here in the forums. I beg to differ.

    I think BBM is already as reliable as it gets. Why do I say that? To me being reliable means that if a message is sent , then I know that it is sent. If a message is not sent I will also know for a fact that the message was not sent. This could be due to a myriad of reasons of which it is not our concern if we were to look at reliability.

    Whenever I send a BBM & it says not delivered, I know for a fact that the message is not delivered. Unlike other IM Apps where they just tell you that the message is already delivered. However the message is still sitting some where.

    If a message is delivered I wibe will be sure that it will say delivered.

    If it says otherwise, then I would agree that it is not reliable.

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    08-24-14 03:21 PM

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