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    I have seen several threads on this problem and I wanted to investigate a little further and do some tests . Having a spare iPhone and 10 minutes to waste I decided to make a couple of tests. This is far for being a real debug process but maybe it can be useful!

    Let's begin with the devices and the OS used.
    Q10 running official T-Mobile 10.2.1 and latest version of BBM
    iPhone 4s running iOS 6.1 and latest (2.2) version of BBM. Push notifications on

    Again this us only one of the numerous configurations possible and does not pretend to be an accurate test.

    Step 1: sending a BBM message from BlackBerry to iPhone (BBM on the iPhone is completely closed)

    Attachment 276113

    The transmission has always been immediate but you can notice how, even if I can see on the iPhone the BBM notification (sparks) the delivery symbol on BlackBerry does NOT appear (I have still the V symbol)

    The D appears only at this point:

    More observations about iOS and the "missing notification " issue-img_20140604_222335_hdr.jpg

    When I open BBM on the iPhone : be aware I am not opening the chat there but only the app.

    Finally the R on BlackBerry appears only when on the iPhone I click inside the box to answer or when I touch the screen inside the chat

    More observations about iOS and the "missing notification " issue-img_20140604_222418_hdr.jpg

    So it looks like that even if the BBM is actually delivered to the iPhone the BBM on BB10 does not recognize that. They definitely needs to work in this sense.. if I send the BBM from the iPhone to the q10 the D appears even if BBM is not open.


    P.s. Next time I will make a video, definitely faster!!

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    Attached Thumbnails More observations about iOS and the "missing notification " issue-img_20140604_222246_hdr.jpg   More observations about iOS and the "missing notification " issue-img_20140604_222246_hdr.jpg  
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    06-04-14 10:57 PM
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    Yeah well this is known "issue" with the iPhone. It does the same with whatsapp too... there is only one tick when whatsapp is closed, whereas on every other platforms, you get two ticks.

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    06-04-14 11:04 PM
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    This has been investigated a lot here, days and days of members trying to figure it out, we all agreed that it's IOS to blame, BlackBerry can do nothing about this.

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    06-05-14 05:07 AM
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    On a BlackBerry BBM is always running in the background. So any messages will be received instantly. Been that way for a long time.

    With iPhone, if the app is not running it will receive no data. So it is not a BBM issue, it is an IOS Issue. BlackBerry can not "fix" that.

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    06-05-14 05:18 AM

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