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    I'm experiencing a strange and annoying issue on my BBM on iOS, basically the contact names and profile pics of my contacts sometimes gone missing, so basically that dummy face with no names was all that displayed. I'm now in BBM and iOS 7.0.3 but has been experiencing this problem since the initial release of BBM on iOS (, to which I transferred from a Blackberry 9790. Now in BBM the problem grows even further that whenever I open the contacts page, the application crashes.

    Is anyone experiencing the same issue, and whether there's a fix? I've tried to uninstall, reinstall, update, broadcast message, but the issue's still there. Many thanks in advance for your responses.
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    10-24-13 01:06 AM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Wow so that update didn't fix it today?

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    10-24-13 01:30 AM
  3. m-p's Avatar
    Wow so that update didn't fix it today?

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    Seems not, it even got worse as I mentioned
    10-24-13 01:40 AM
  4. zocster's Avatar
    Lets hope they fix it soon

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    10-24-13 02:55 AM
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    I am experiencing the same. There's another thread here somewhere with people saying the same thing - crash on opening contacts list. Seems like it doesn't matter what device, OS version, or contact list size... it's happening to a lot of people. I've done what you've done as well. No fix at the moment. My current workaround is to start a multiperson chat, you can access your contacts that way. Or if they have recently updated their status, you can start chat with them via the updates page. Hope that helps.

    I'm on a 5S running iOS 7.0.0 with app version and over 200 contacts in case anyone's curious.
    10-24-13 04:20 AM
  6. m-p's Avatar
    Yeah I just saw the user reviews of BBM in App Store and apparently many are experiencing the issues. After delayed release and two updates, yet we are still having major bugs like these, oh well..
    10-25-13 06:13 AM
  7. David Swain's Avatar
    I am experiencing the same problem, but even more severe.

    My contacts list is there, and it doesn't crash the app, but NONE of my contacts have names or profile pictures. when I am on my "chats" screen it says I have no chats, but on my updates screen (swipe left (iOS)) it says I have 12 for example chats open.

    Furthermore on the status updates etc, there are also no names or DP's there either, the same with the broadcast page. I cannot send a broadcast because there are no names to select.

    If I click an update it takes me to their chat box, and lets me type to them.. but I have no idea who it is I'm talking to and if I leave that chat there's little chance of accessing it again because it isn't on my "chats" screen.

    Hope this problem is resolved soon.
    11-10-13 08:39 AM
  8. m-p's Avatar
    Are you on I had the same problem about a week ago. I ended up reinstalling bbm and it's been at its best ever since, even my contacs and pics are all there, at least for now..
    11-10-13 11:33 AM

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