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    I have a couple of groups where contacts are no longer enrolled. EX: it happened on my wife's iPhone in a family group. She did not make that change. App was updated and she had been recently active. Added back in and still connected now. Had it happen in a larger group of 40+; now down to <30 over the period of about a week. My initial theory is that either apps hadn't been updated on the other phones, or that inactivity over a period of time had caused that to occur. Any similar experiences or theories? I do have multiple group admins, but none of them axed anyone.

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    08-31-15 07:58 AM
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    I sit in about 40 different BBM groups.

    The list of members is rarely identical between everyone. BBM Groups is not coded well, and has many bugs, including basic user counts and information. What is even more interesting, is if you DO clean house and remove say 20 people --- as soon as someone switches devices or upgrades BBM, its likely those 20 people will rejoin as "phantom" users.

    Over the last 3 years I've learnt to just leave them alone unless I need to mess with them for a specific reason.
    09-03-15 05:42 PM
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    I need a few bbm group to join but there's nothing out there...help!
    09-05-15 07:47 PM

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