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    I've covered this elsewhere, but we are still seeing the same ill-informed complaints about BBMx. Simple put, BBM for Apple and Android work just as well as the others: WhatsApp, etc.

    The thing that tricks people is that BBM has a more reliable D and R messaging system. Because Apple and Android users have to open the app in order for the person on the other end to get confirmation, people have the idea that the messaging isn't working efficiently.

    WhatsApp gets away with this because their message notifications are vague and don't offer any R notification in the first place.

    Because most Apple and Android people have more contacts on WhatsApp, they open that app more often, and therefore get their notifications more often. If they checked their BBM more often folks on the other end would see their D notifications much quicker.

    This is not BlackBerry's fault. BBM is great, but it will likely always be better on a BlackBerry because BlackBerry also make the hardware, and OS to match.

    For those who doubt this, just pay closer attention to WhatsApp when you send your messages. Look at how long the 'single tick' stays sometimes before the 'double tick' appears (which doesn't even mean the message has been read anyway). Now imagine that were a BBMx message. There would be a single tick, and no D notification, and you would be complaining that BBM sucks for Apple and Android.

    In this particular case, BlackBerry are being cursed hastily by some people as a result of their own higher bar of efficiency. As more BBMx users are added, this issue will fade, but until then people should try to be informed and also help others to understand this.

    On a side note, I hope BBM 2.0 is released this week so that even more Apple and Android folks join the party.

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    02-05-14 04:19 AM
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    Sounds good to me!
    02-07-14 11:30 AM

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