05-10-14 02:28 AM
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  1. Sheaner19's Avatar
    You don't have to give your phone number out with bbm

    Posted via CB10
    05-07-14 12:28 PM
  2. kraidx's Avatar
    No need to get paranoid on phone number based chat apps. The majority of the people love it. They are not bothered much in createing a PIN. WhatsApp, Tango, Viber and many more are phone number based and it has been proven that the world enjoys using it.Someday BBM may have no choice but to include phone numbers if the market share is not growing.
    I see that every time I'm showing BBM. Most people want the easy process of scanning the address book and seeing their contacts there. They cannot be bothered with PIN numbers and adding contacts manually.

    Posted via CB10
    05-10-14 01:25 AM
  3. kraidx's Avatar
    BBM's next update has to be major!!

    - a new simplified UI, that looks modern and cool
    - BBM video calling cross platform already
    - make the app lighter on resources for Gingerbread phones
    - bug fixes
    - and it's time to ride the wave, BBM needs to increase it's user base.. how? people need for God sake finally to find their friends easily... how? by phone number!! oh no thank you i'm not going to give out my phone number, I say look at this idea here first, and read really carefully
    Interesting idea

    Posted via CB10
    05-10-14 01:28 AM
  4. jafrul's Avatar
    I have enough of having Whatsapp took my phonebook in their server.
    I don't want few other companies collecting my contacts and do what god knows they will with my contacts number.

    Posted via Astro on Z30STA100-2/
    05-10-14 02:20 AM
  5. twstd.reality's Avatar
    85 million people disagree with you.
    05-10-14 02:28 AM
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