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    I have a Curve 9360 (AT&T) with OS 7.1 2727, BBM, and my friend has an iPhone 5 running iOS 7.1 (overseas carrier) with BBM, and another friend with a Bold 9900 OS 7 (AT&T), and the last release of BBM 7. Both BlackBerries are on a BIS plan. There are two problems that I am experiencing when using BBM to chat with either or these friends:

    1. Whenever my friend on iOS sends me a picture through BBM, and my phone is off, I do not receive the picture when I turn my phone on. However, I do receive messages that were sent while my phone was off. Which leads into #2 below...

    2. Whenever I attempt to send a picture through BBM to either of my friends, the chat bubble just sits at "Sending picture... Sent -0.00 KB." The picture does go through, at least for my BB-using friend, at the point that they turn their phones on.

    I have searched for information regarding sending pictures through BBM, but nothing on BB's Support site seems to cover the process of sending pictures and related caveats (e.g. recipient needs to accept the picture ala Skype; pictures won't be sent when the recipient's phone is off; the transfer is cancelled after a certain amount of time has passed). We have tried deleting and re-adding our contacts, reinstalling BBM, doing a battery pull (for the BlackBerries), but this issue remains, leading me to wonder if this is just a "feature" of BBM, or an issue somewhere on our end.

    I'd appreciate any advice or insight anyone here on the forum may have regarding this issue. Thank you in advance!
    04-06-14 06:17 PM
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    For BlackBerry users BBM is always on and runs as a service so you will never have issues with sending and receiving.

    For iOS and Android, BBM may be put on standby in which case the picture will only be sent when they are online. Technically the picture should be sent eventually when you are both online, but perhaps there is a bug for this. You might want to submit a big report to BlackBerry.

    Posted via CB10
    04-06-14 06:26 PM

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