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    Inconsistent Virtual Keyboard Design (BBM is the Worst)-bbm-keyboard.png

    When I loaded the leaked on my Z30 I was happy to find the Send key was North of the Virtual Keyboard on most apps (email, sms, betazone). This helps me avoid sending incomplete messages.

    However, BBM is the exception. Although the design had changed slightly on the new beta (i've seen pictures), the virtual keyboard is still flawed. I'm hoping on the next release some consistency across all virtual keyboards are implemented.

    Which virtual keyboard is your favorite?
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +

    Inconsistent Virtual Keyboard Design (BBM is the Worst)-betazone-keyboard.png
    (Beta Zone)

    Inconsistent Virtual Keyboard Design (BBM is the Worst)-sms-keyboard.png

    Inconsistent Virtual Keyboard Design (BBM is the Worst)-email-keyboard.png

    Inconsistent Virtual Keyboard Design (BBM is the Worst)-bbm-keybaord-
    BBM on

    Inconsistent Virtual Keyboard Design (BBM is the Worst)-bbm-beta-keyboard.png
    BBM Beta - Apologies on the Size
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    Your 1055 is official or leak?

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    12-27-13 02:16 PM
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    Yes, it is a Leak! I'm on Verizon.

    If I stayed on anything lower I would not have upgraded to the z30. I didn't give the OS that shipped with my Z30 more than 30 minutes of use before upgrading. My z10 had so I know what I wanted..
    12-27-13 02:39 PM
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    May be you should wait for both official version before make complain?

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    12-27-13 03:57 PM
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    I think you're somewhat on the right track.
    Providing feedback to them is spot on!!
    Least this way they have an idea of what's working in the leaks and what's not.

    Getting riled up over it though, isn't good for the mind. Sit back, check out the Sexy yoga pants BBM channel and chill mate!!

    (keep sending them feedback though)

    From my Vader Zed
    12-27-13 07:32 PM
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    I've posted the rationales before, but here it is again.

    Send button at the bottom of the keyboard

    -Useful for BBM or apps where accidentally sending isn't as crucial. You don't have limits on BBM messages

    Send button just above the keyboard

    -Useful for SMS or other apps where you want quick access to the button, but you don't want to accidentally send a message since there are limits on SMS. (e.g. I only have 250 SMS a month. Yes, I know, dinosaur phone plane, but I've got BBM (via WiFi) and thats good enough for me)

    Send button at the top of the page

    -Crucial for email or other apps where you never want to accidentally send before you are finished. Imagine if you kept sending 2 word emails, or such. Or if you wrote half an email to your supervisor or external party and then accidentally hit send, that would be embarrasing.

    So there you have it. There is definitely a rationale between having the button at the top vs middle vs bottom.

    Mystery solved.
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    I think it's perfect.

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    12-28-13 10:22 AM
  8. Vetboy's Avatar

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    12-28-13 09:50 PM
  9. ehroberts's Avatar
    Sorry, that rational does not sit well in my book.

    Communication should be as accurate as possible regardless of the message type (BBM, SMS or email).

    Are you kidding me? It virtually takes no whole seconds to move the finger North of the keyboard to transmit a message.

    Consistent format is the key. (even this Crackberry App has the Send button (Post) north of the keyboard.

    You support the format and rationale - good for you. I will continue to petition for a Change because it just makes sense.

    Sqeeky wheel gets the grease.

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    12-29-13 10:35 AM
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    I'm with you I think there is way to many different ways to backup, cancel, send. I know with my kids on android and bbm they were annoyed the smiley button and send button are opposite to their text msg app.

    12-29-13 12:06 PM
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    To be fair, the comparison of the BBM keyboard with the BBM in Beta is irrelevant as it's the same application and the new keyboard is seen as an upgrade to the previous version.
    So in all fairness there are 4 iterations of the B10 keyboard namely:
    • SMS
    • Email
    • BBM
    • BetaZone app

    The betazone app keyboard is most likely due to the fact that they wanted to mimic the layout from the Beta zone on the web, no excuse there, it's a wrong move and should be corrected to one of the other keyboards, preferably the email keyboard comparable to the CB10 app .

    The beta BBM keyboard is a winner in my opinion as it is an upgrade to the previous BBM keyboard and now gives easy access to add an attachment or additional information in the chat besides just text. The send button at the lower right feels like it's in its place and adds to your speed in sending a message. You mess up your message, no biggie as it's a chat and you can swiftly and at no extra charge type out a corrected message and send it.

    The Email keyboard makes perfect sense as mentioned above just to stop you from sending erroneous emails. If it were to have the BBM keyboard, we will no doubt see emails with only half a message and moments later get a new email with the rest... Having the button on top makes you think twice before pressing it. Also, on a personal note, I send approx. 50+ emails on my phone a day and I do so at high speed. Having the send button near the keyboard would undoubtedly result in a lot of those emails being cut short... I like the fact that i need to lift my finger from the keyboard and hit the send button on top.

    The SMS keyboard can do without the back button on there which is completely redundant. I actually think that the BBM beta keyboard should be used when sending SMS. SMS is in steep decline and now that BBM is cross-platform a mix of the two (like iMessage) should be around the corner making this a moot point as the keyboard will be the same when this happens anyway.

    So in a perfect world, only 2 keyboards would exist, the email keyboard and the BBM beta keyboard
    12-29-13 01:46 PM
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    Alice is cute.
    12-30-13 01:01 AM
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    I've commented before on how easy it is to send a message in BBM accidentally when the intent was to add a period or hit backspace.

    All that needs to be done to avoid sending a message by inadvertently brushing the send key is to make it so that the send key requires a .5 second press-hold before it actually sends.

    This way bumping it accidentally does nothing. It would also be easier and quicker than reaching up to the top of the screen to hit send.
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    12-30-13 01:15 AM

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