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    Just like the title says. Whether it's the 6mb file transfer limit which hasn't changed in years, the 'request HQ' bs prompt that is a given and should be default (with the option to downgrade if you choose), to group msgs auto-deleting after a few days with no option to change. Not being able to transfer video or music files.

    If xbbm was perfectly reliable with these limitations, then I could somewhat justify it. But they're not. Xbbm sometimes works immediately like it does with BlackBerry users, sometimes not. I don't care about the reasons why, whether the app is open on the android or iOS device, etc. It's not as reliable as on BlackBerry, period. Fix it. It's been months now, and the latest update is a find-a-friend feature?? Seriously??

    And what's next on tap...give xbbm channels?? A weird quasi social network blogging feed?? FIX your core app, add the features EVERYONE has been asking for, pay attention to your market.

    Then fix the lack of features and stop being cheap with your server space and traffic. If this 'messaging startup' division within BlackBerry has any hope of survival they need to get their sh together and surpass the competition, not barely keep par and fall short.

    40M new users signed up in the first month of xbbm. Why is it that we haven't heard any stats since? Maybe because half of them deleted it or at least half of those new users aren't active anymore.

    Uggghh rant done.

    ** I have a z10 and have been a BlackBerry user for many many years. Barely anyone around me still is. With xbbm I sold my non BlackBerry circle on the one in-house app that I knew was amazing. Simply put, on android and iOS, it's not. It's just not the same, and with whatsapp and hangouts in the space with better features, no one around me uses xbbm anymore. It's frustrates the hell out of me to see the potential with this not be realized, and more-so seemingly lack of immediate action on their part to fix what needs urgent attention.

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    02-08-14 11:50 AM
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    There we go.... feel better now? Get it all out.
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    02-08-14 11:57 AM

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