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    It seems lately there have been a trend of thread popping up addressing the issue with BBM Contacts and how competitors have made it 'easier' for them to add friends and colleagues.

    Now, I don't always understand why there need's to be 50 threads of people arguing back forth. And I don't doubt these members claims are entirely wrong, there IM of choice is probably easier. And us die hard BlackBerry Fans aren't going to take that lying down we know that BBM is about Security and Privacy, not like those other platforms.

    But we're all smarter than that! I think we can all be more constructive, so I created this thread to ask one simple question.

    How would you improve the contact experience on BBM?

    P.S there are no wrong or right answers.

    I would..

    Function: Public or Private Wifi Profile

    Description: Use your Workspace Wifi or Personal WiFi to make your PIN Public to a Colleague, Friend or Family. By toggling your WiFi profile on this will allow people who are connected to the same WiFi and who also have there profile public, to quickly send you an Invitation. Easy way to add all your colleagues in the same department or building, your Friends in one room, or random person at the bar. Your choice!

    Scenario : You just entered the work force and received your first corporate phone and all your colleagues in your department use BBM to Communicate. You want to quickly add as many colleagues as possible and get straight to work. So! you connect to your workplace WiFi turn your profile to public, and a list of colleagues immediately populate your invitation tab. You quickly tab on each one, I get back to work,

    03-15-14 06:59 PM
  2. Branta's Avatar
    I suspect we are seeing spam promotion of certain competing products through the efforts of the Chinese Water Army, but I have not (yet) had time to dig into all of these threads to find the pattern and ban for spamming. If you're not familiar with the water army you can google it, or there are good descriptions on Wikipedia and an article at TechnologyReview.com with links to the published research
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    03-16-14 06:43 AM
  3. Mwanahabari's Avatar
    I'd give the option of adding your number and/or email addresses to your profile but keep them hidden so Bbm could match you with your contacts. To maintain privacy I'd keep the info optional.
    03-18-14 07:43 AM

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