1. ianbordas's Avatar
    Hi, wasn't sure where to post this.
    I have a channel that has been recently featured and subscriber numbers have skyrocketed. I'm so happy about that, however now I'm struggling to between constantly deleting dozens of alerts on the hub and also the sound alerts are a big distraction.

    Is there a way to silence these comments (as channel admin), without having to silence the whole phone or all BBM alerts?

    I do enjoy going though all the comments on my own time, so I don't want to disable them (yet)... I wouldn't mind disabling Hub notifications and just go to the app whenever I can and want to.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    Posted via CB10
    11-16-14 02:56 PM
  2. sk8er_tor's Avatar
    I don't see an option to shut if off. It would be handy though.
    11-16-14 03:50 PM
  3. Matty's Avatar
    Your best option is to disable the comments in the BBM channel. Unfortunately there isn't a way (as far as I know) to disable comments)
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    Posted via BlackBerry Q5 on
    11-17-14 01:24 PM

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