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    I've converted 18 people so far by simply sending them a text message back advising that I only text message using BBM. I tell them if they want to text with me, they must use BBM. When asked why, I simply tell them that BBM is secure and I can do so much more with BBM than I can do with regular text messages. If they don't do so, I don't respond to their text messages. So far it's been working.

    So the question is, how many people have you converted and how did you do it?

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    11-02-14 04:27 PM
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    All of my whatsapp friends. I said it's BBM or goodbye.
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    11-02-14 04:40 PM
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    Nice... that's what I said... lol

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    11-02-14 04:58 PM
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    Here are some stats for you. I got 21 people which includes 5 of my 6 closest friends to join. But for the purposes of this post I am only going to discuss my experience with my 6 closest friends.

    One of my 6 closest friends never join BBM and stayed on WhatsApp. The 5 that joined, kept WhatsApp and used both services. 2 of the 5 that joined have since deleted BBM and stayed with WhatsApp. 3 keep BBM till this day.

    Of the 3, 1 has since deleted WhatsApp entirely and only uses BBM the other two, still have WhatsApp, 1 of the 3 rarely communicates using BBM and prefers WhatsApp.

    The one who never joined owns an Android, the other 2 that joined and left own iPhones. I've noticed that BBM on iPhone Is not as good as on Android.

    The two iPhone users that left complained about complicated set up, cluttered chat area, bugs and file, media, location sharing options, or lack there of.

    Of my 3 remaining BBM friends, 2 own androids. One of the 2 rarely uses BBM, he complains that he doesn't get notifications unless BBM remains open on his phone and so he prefers WhatsApp, the other doesn't seem to have any complaints about BBM and in fact is the one that deleted WhatsApp.

    The last of my 3 remaining closest friends on BBM owns a Windows phone and to this day I have no idea why he has stuck around other than that he is a true friend. BBM on Windows phone is honestly terrible. No options, full of bugs... you might as well use SMS, but he is still hanging in their waiting for BlackBerry to release a 2.0 update to put him on par with the other platforms.

    Now I did say I got 21 people to join BBM, I only actively communicate with 5 of those 21 people on BBM, excluding my 3 buds. As for the others, I have no idea if they are still on cause BBM doesn't delete there contact info after they have left. But I have a good hunch that at least 4 if not all of my remaining non-active contacts (excluding my 2 close iPhone friends) have since deleted BBM.

    The one complaint they all seemed to have and the reason why I often sound like a broken record on here is that there was limited file, media and location sharing on multi-person chats and none on Group Chats, and this is something we used often as a group on WhatsApp.

    Sorry if this was confusing not sure if anyone cares. But those are my stats.

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    11-05-14 12:14 PM
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    I have converted about 15 users to BBM. Out of which 5 are on Android & the rest uses iPhones.

    I believe 5 of them have since deleted their BBM, they are all on iPhones.

    The rest of them are still around but only communicates with me via BBM. Most of these friends know each other but they all have 1 thing in common. Most of them only have 1 contact on BBM & that is me. They don't seem to add our other friends on BBM. The reason for not adding? They don't want to add our other common friends on BBM.

    I also have some of them whom I will have to send something to them via BBM when they are in front of me. I can hear the notification from their phone but they would not pick up their phones. They will then pick up their phones when they receive a WhatsApp & they will reply & send messages via WhatsApp whilst totally ignoring the BBM I sent a minute earlier.

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    11-05-14 02:32 PM
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    I had converted abput 25 ppl but 13 of them left due to bugs and issues with notifications. Of the 12 left only 6 or 7 use it regularly. Ive been tempted to delete it myself and im a BlackBerry enthusiast. I cant stop bbm group notifications and having my phone on silent causes its own issues.
    11-05-14 07:43 PM
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    None. Only my boss uses BBM. All the rest of my contacts have either WhatsApp, FB Messenger, or Viber.

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    11-05-14 07:56 PM
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    5 few days ago. Goodbye Viber.

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    11-05-14 08:02 PM
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    I have convinced only 7 people to actually install BBM. 4 use it as their preferred messenger now .

    It seems iPhone users have the most difficulty setting it up or using it. So somehow BlackBerry hasn't dumbed it down enough for the masses.

    The PIN system and not being able to use it on other devices (tablets) is a hindrance for acceptance .

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    11-06-14 10:58 AM
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    11-09-14 11:32 PM
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    Like five. All iPhone users. One deleted because no one else she knew used it. Same with another. Other two deleted it because of buggy iOS version.

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    11-10-14 12:03 AM
  12. wilkto's Avatar
    Convert, that's tricky. My sister and brother in law refuse to use bbm. My sister in law has forgotten her bbid. A UK relative still has a working Nokia so sms only. My daughter in law has installed bbm and used it once. My son and one niece use bbm but only to contact me. Neither of them like it. Whatsapp is clearly the winner here.

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    11-10-14 12:47 AM
  13. wojt7's Avatar
    You're some boy the OP.
    Converted about 100 friends. Told them I would ignore them if they try to text me or whatsup me again or even ring me if it's not BBM voice call. Lost all my friends since then. Still wondering where did all that go wrong?
    Seriously the level of blind love for a piece of software that is mediocre at best is beyond belief on this boards. Truly isheep fashion.
    As to how secure BBM is read it on the main Crackberry website.
    11-10-14 02:36 AM
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    4 but they left for what's app or whatever you call it

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    11-10-14 02:36 AM
  15. anon(5869815)'s Avatar
    Around 5
    2 are still using it

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    11-10-14 07:28 PM

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