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    Hello everyone.
    BlackBerry Message (BBM) for Android and IOS has been released for a month. This makes BBM become a muitl-platform application. Now, users of two biggest mobile OS- Android and IOS can use BBM, but what about Mac and Windows? They are the most popular OS on computer, so why don't we bring BBM to those OS? Viber has had its own client on Windows and we can use Viber on our computer completely.
    Although BlackBerry doesn't give us an offical BBM client on computer, but by using an Android Simulator, we can bring BBM to every platform which can run Android simulators.
    First, we need an Android simulator. There are many Android simulator softwares but we choose Geny Motion because it's easy to use.
    Geny Motion uses VirtualBox to run the simulators, but many steps will be rejected, all the settings will be set up automatically. It is used by developers to check their apps, but we can still use it to run BBM or other apps.
    To use Geny Motion, we must prepare following thing:
    1.The newest Android SDK. After installing it, remember its path ( the folder name Android-sdk-xxx). With Mac and Linux, just extract the downloaded file.
    2. Download Geny motion: Choose the newest version which includes Virtual Box for you OS. You must creat an account in order to download the Geny motion app and the Android simulator. Remember checking your email account to active your account.

    After downloading and installing Genymotion and Virtual Box, open the Genymotion app. Then log in with the account which you just have created.

    Then choose your simulator. There are many simulators for you, from Galaxy S4, Xperia Z, HTC One,.. to Nexus, tablet,.. Choose one then click Add and Next. Your simulator will be downloaded. But you have to wait for a while because the size of it is approximately 200Mb. You'd better choose the simulators which includes Google apps to have a best experience.

    When the simulator is downloaded completely, double-click the simulator to show the setting dialog. In box "Path to Android SDK", enter the path to the above dowloaded Android SDK ( you must enter the path of "SDK" folder) until this line appear: "Developer Tools successfully found". Then press OK.

    Back to the main page of Geny Motion, choose your simulator, then press Start. The simulator will start like a real Android device.

    Here is some screenshots of my virtual device : Nexus S 480x800. The enviroment is Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit - Intel Celeron B815 2x1.6 Ghz, 6Gb Ram, VGA Intel HD 128Mb. There is a bit lag but it is very smooth, like a real Android device. ( note: I'm using VietNamese and these screenshots are captured after a long time of using the simulator, not the original simulator and BBM has been installed )

    The first step is completed. And you've almost done The next step is very easy, just download BBM and install it
    If your simulator is one of the supported device of BBM, just go to CH Play and download it. If not, go to https://www.cubby.com/pl/BBM_APK_1.0...f0a53a0633bbe6
    to download the APK file and install it everything is the same as an android device.

    That's one way for running BBM on your computer. If you have a better way, share it to all CrackBerry members

    Note: This method still contains many errors, a few guys has been failed while trying open the BBM on the simulators. We're not responsible for any crash or loss on your computer.

    My english is not good, so if there is a spelling mistake in my post, please tell me to correct :v
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    11-03-13 01:53 AM
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    Hi there, welcome to CrackBerry, and this topic has been discussed here http://forums.crackberry.com/general...bbm-pc-865808/ I will close this thread and link it to the original one. Leave the images up tho and carry on discussing there ... thanks.
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