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    So what if the next generation Blackberrys (next generation, not the ones that are coming out this year 2011 but the ones that will hopefully run QNX) had video chat integrated into BBM?
    If RIM had a front camera, they could then have it integrated with BBM.
    You can start a chat like we always do on BBM.
    But if youre going to chat for a while, why not do it live?
    You would go to a persons profile on your BBM contact list and click on their profile picture.
    They would then get a message on their side telling them that so and so wants to start a video chat with them.
    Like in traditional BBM, when you get a picture or a file you get a message and you can accept it or not.
    The same factor would apply to a video chat notification. You would accept it and activate the front camera (you would have an option of switching to the back camera so that you dont necessarily need to be in front of your BB) and proceed to connect with the person who sent you the invite.
    Or you could just decline the invite and BBM them back the way you normally reply to a BBM message.
    I think this would be awesome!
    Please RIM it would make us BBM addicts go nuts.

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    03-03-11 11:26 PM
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    Yeah, cuz I don't already get enough awkward sex BBMs as it is.
    That's what you want this for isn't it? jk (or am I?)

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    03-04-11 12:11 AM