1. orbgoblin's Avatar
    Sending media links from sites like tubidy and vuclip to friends on BBM on older blackberries used to be really easy. All the recipient had to do was click on an mp4 or mp3 link sent to him and he gets the open or save options. But on bb10 this is no more. I thought a fix for this was coming with the 10.2 update but I was wrong. What's annoying is that even people using bbm on android have the option to save media from links sent to them via bbm. That kind of cripples BBM on BB10 IMHO. Can anybody tell me why this feature has been ignored on BB10? And is there a way around it? I've tried holding the link for a few seconds but I don't get the 3 horizontal dots that gives the save file option. Any help will be appreciated.
    12-04-13 05:42 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    When I click a link I get the overflow and options to share, open or copy.
    12-06-13 06:30 AM

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