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    Forgive me as I am not very tech savvy buuut to make a long story short I am having horrendous battery issues which started on my Q10 about a week ago. My device dies about 5 times per day, it's practically unusable.

    Anyway, trying to see what's wrong I opened up device monitor and check out how high the number is for BBM! I don't actually use BBM but I see that I can't delete it could this be my problem? Thoughts?
    High CPU usage equalling bad battery life?-img_00000201.png

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    12-14-13 03:34 AM
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    Yes. 50% CPU from BBM means something has gone terrible wrong with that app. 50% is actually "50% of 2 CPU cores" so in fact it is using 100% of 1 core (=it's in some kind of endless loop, working as hard as it can). This will definitively drain your battery and you can probably also feel your device getting warm on the back. The heat is generated by the CPU which again gets its energy from battery, which is basically the answer to your question.

    The root cause is probably corrupted data or settings in the BBM app.

    How to fix the issue?
    BBM is not uninstallable, so this approach is a no-go. I would suggest wiping the device and setting it up again. There is no need to reinstall the OS even some people probably will suggest it, unless you wish to upgrade to e.g. at the same time (it works great!). If you choose to do so, just run an autoloader. You can find instructions in the forums. There is NO need to wipe first - the autoloader will create a completely clean filesystem with default settings.

    Good luck!
    12-14-13 04:44 AM
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    That's great to know... a minor issue in the scheme of things. I'm not familiar with how to load the new OS but I'm sure I can find instructions on CB. Thanks so much!

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    12-15-13 05:37 PM
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    Argh! So I wiped the device, which fixed my problem, but it became a problem again when I restored my data etc. Does anyone have any ideas for what I could do to fix BBM without having to totally start from scratch with my device? I didn't end up installing the leak but I guess if I'm going to totally start from scratch I might...

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    12-16-13 03:49 AM

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