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    Don't you just love BBM? It's my most used app and I mean all day every day. I've tried others, really given them a chance. But for me nothing compares.

    In Part I we went over basics, and here we will check out a few more features. BlackBerry Messenger truly is a social app as well as just an IM app.

    BBM Voice and Video

    To use this feature, you need to be connected to an active Wifi, and for now it is only available for BlackBerry users.

    [Guide] The Basics of BBM Part II (Voice & Video)-img_20131296.png

    See that little video camera on the top right hand corner in your display name box? If it's green it means the person you are chatting with has wifi and can receive voice and video calls. If it is not green, they aren't connected, or you're not connected.
    Click on it and you will be presented with the option for voice or video. If you choose voice, your phone will ring similar to a phone call as shown here.

    [Guide] The Basics of BBM Part II (Voice & Video)-img_20131297.png

    Same will happen if you choose video.

    BBM Screen Share

    Now this feature is awesome! While in video, click on the image of your face and a few options will pop up. You can switch the view of the camera, mute, BBM (which will take you to your chat screen with that person), screen share, and on the top right hand there is an hdmi input - imagine connecting your phone and being able to see the person on your tv!

    Once you hit screen share you will see your homescreen, and the other person will be able to see whatever it is you are seeing or doing on your phone. Comes in handy when you are trying to trouble shoot an issue or explain how to do something.

    [Guide] The Basics of BBM Part II (Voice & Video)-img_20131299.png

    [Guide] The Basics of BBM Part II (Voice & Video)-img_20131298.png

    BBM Channels

    Channels is a new addition to BlackBerry Messenger, and although still in beta, it is a great place to connect with topics that interest you. You can interact within the channel - including liking a post, commenting, or even chatting with the owner of the channel even if you don't have them on your contact list. Truly a social place to hang out and get information, tips, whatever it may be. The recent beta has featured channels, ability to search for particular channels and more things are being added as updates keep coming in.

    [Guide] The Basics of BBM Part II (Voice & Video)-img_20131304.png

    A few other things to note

    As I mentioned, BBM is truly a social app. When you change your status, everyone in your contact list see's this and can instantly know what you're up to how you're feeling.
    You can choose to show what you happen to be listening too on your music player as well. Mind you, if your contacts have the option to not see music updates turned on, they won't be able to. I have it set to not show...it can get a bit overwhelming. You can do this in BBM Settings which you get to from swiping down from the top.

    [Guide] The Basics of BBM Part II (Voice & Video)-img_20131232.png

    You can choose to see status updates from ALL, Contacts only, or Groups only.

    [Guide] The Basics of BBM Part II (Voice & Video)-img_20131305.png

    BBM Connected Apps

    Native built for BlackBerry apps can be connected to BBM which means you can share within the app to your BBM contacts and or share information from that app as your status.

    [Guide] The Basics of BBM Part II (Voice & Video)-img_20131303.png

    Multiperson Chat (as opposed to groups)

    [Guide] The Basics of BBM Part II (Voice & Video)-img_20131301.png

    [Guide] The Basics of BBM Part II (Voice & Video)-img_20131302.png

    To add another person to a conversation while you are chatting with someone. simply click on the add+ icon on the bottom, or press the more button and choose invite+ from the side menu. You can also ping someone from here, leave the chat etc.
    *NOTE* Once in a mutliperson chat, you can no longer share files such as pics and video. If you want to share these you will need to create group.

    I hope this guide helps you use and get the most out of BBM. Navigate through the app, and see the features it has, it's really a wonderful IM and social app, and once these added features are available to Android and iOS users, it's going to be even more successful!
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    Very useful guide Hamster!
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    Good post. Thanks

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    Is there a way to set it so that others don't see my status?
    I don't want to upgrade to the new BBM as I have no interest in sending out a status update about BBM for iOS and android.

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    11-27-13 09:56 AM
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    How to share update song or video that we play to every body (bbm friend list)?

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    Can't wait for Android to break the ordinary ice too.
    06-02-15 12:30 PM

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