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    I've sent many messages on beta zone and have read posts by many others on contributing suggestions and feedback on improving BBM groups. But bbm groups is still as crap as it first came out. ON ANY PLATFORM!

    BBM as a 1 to 1 messenger is impressive it's does many things other IMS can't for example gylmpse, file sending, drop box integration, voice and video calls, screen sharing and stickers.

    Why is groups so handicapped? Its missing even the most basic of features such as group notification mute (iOS) and unread messages bookmark within a group thread (BBM users have to scroll from the bottom to read unread messages rather than have a "bookmark" marking where we left off in a conversation)

    These two basic features alone has turned off 95% of my iOS friends from migrating to BBM from whatsapp.

    I'm all for feature improvements like the upcoming self destruct and recall function but let me guess it WON'T work for BBM groups.

    I'M groups is one of the very best ways to grow an IM because it involves pressure from your direct closest friends and family.

    Why hasn't BlackBerry done anything to improve BBM groups? I believe it's been the same since the 1st version!

    And so BBM on a whole SUCKS because of it!

    No wonder most BBM users still have to use whatsapp in tandem and no wonder that it is evident on BBW more BlackBerry 10 users downloaded and use whatsapp more than BBM.

    And no wonder BBM is growing at a snail's pace compared to telegram, snapchat, line, kakak talk, we chat and all the new comers.

    And it'll probably be no wonder that BBM will be worth nothing in the future.

    I want BBM to prevail, I want my privacy and security but if it gets in the way of my doing business and staying in touch with my clients, friends and family then it's gonna be a damn long hard battle.�

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