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    As we have heard that BBM intend to charge for the use of some premium features, BBM has yet to confirm what they are & how much they intend to charge for it. I for one advocate that BBM should remain free to grow their user base.

    Not neglecting that BlackBerry is not a charity but also a profit seeking organisation we need to look for some ways for them to monetise & sustain operations. Here are some suggestions on how they can monetize without charging for the service;-

    - BBM Money - firstly bring in as many subscribers as possible to use BBM & then BBM money. As BBM will have a cut on this service they will be able to monetise

    - BBM music or movies - since we are able to see what our contacts are listening to or watching, why not enable them to purchase these contents directly from their merchant. BlackBerry will then take a share of the proceeds.

    - Games - bring back the days of games on BBM. Perhaps we can allow these games to be continued & in the meantime let them have in-app purchase for more power or more playing chances

    If you have any ideas, please share them hopefully BlackBerry people will notice this thread & work towards this & we will have full features for free.

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    11-11-14 01:54 PM
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    I mentioned this in the " I want but don't want to pay" thread already but this may be a better place for it.

    Not sure if this has already been suggested and am just throwing this out there but what about BlackBerry using a bbm channel as a small lottery / game of chance site. Nothing too heavy just say bingo, 50/50 draws scratch and win type tickets. Maybe limit people's wagers to no more than a dollar a day.

    Haven't thought out any legalities or moral/ethical questions but just a thought since premium services may not generate the money they need, maybe this would.

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    11-12-14 08:56 AM

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