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    Since the new BBM update, of all my friends, I am the only one that has updated it. This means I can't use the timed messages/pictures, or the message retraction.

    They really need to force user to update BBM, or at least keep nagging users to update until they do so. Especially for major updates like this.
    Otherwise, I can't even use this new feature........
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    11-05-14 09:27 PM
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    Are you going to pay for the timed messages feature anyway?
    How would he know? He hasn't had a chance to use it. Lololol

    And afterwards? You'd look pretty creepy trying to convince someone to pay for a subscription to be able to receive nudes.
    Edit: Even if they didn't have to pay to receive, you'd still look like a weirdo for paying to send them.

    There are free alternatives. It's not a matter of will "we" pay, it's a matter of will "they", and the answer is.. "lmao?no".

    BlackBerry screwed up big time and continues to do so.
    Bbm had 10million downloads on android and iPhone is the first 24 hours, bringing them to 80million as of oct 2013. I'd estimate 80% of those 10 million people left.. because when they were finally accepted into the line.. they had no bbm contacts.

    2013 march pre bbmx - 69 million registered users
    2013 Oct post bbmx - 80 million active users
    2014 March - 85million active users
    2014 March - 113 million registered (nearly doubled)
    2014 June - 85 million active - no growth. 50 million BlackBerry users, was 51 million pre bbmx = no growth.
    2014 June - 160 million registered
    2014 Oct - 91 million active users - BlackBerry Protect and bbm for windows phone

    In other words, nobody uses bbm and BlackBerry isn't going to convince them by charging more money.
    I know this much: my list hasn't grown in over 6 months and is definitely shrinking all the time. For every new contact I have, there is two that deleted bbm.
    I don't have that issue with other social platforms (people leaving 1 by 1, to never return. Ie, just by looking at the registration rates vs usage rates, it's clear that people, including BlackBerry, treated bbm as a fad).

    OS destructive 821 > upgrade 800 > upgrade 938 > delta 1016
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    11-05-14 10:05 PM
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    Just mean the feature is pretty clear what it offers, some may want to test first, but there are others that say "oh heck yes, this is exactly what I need". Wondering if user falls into the latter camp.
    I would guess that most of the users that haven't upgraded, don't even know there are new features.
    11-05-14 10:23 PM

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