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    For the past one month I was watching MH370 story unfolding. I must say though the flight was not found still, every possible bits and pieces of news break through twitter. Twitter is actually redefining how journalism works. That led me to think similar analogy in enterprise. Why BBM should not define how enterprise communication works. With BB10, it has every possible hardware and software may be except BB belt. Each and every enterprise communication must go through BBM
    1. Let us say in morning I schedule my day with meetings and tasks using calendar and remember. Appropriately BBM message should go to meeting attendees and task collaborators. They accept or decline and same is updated in everyone's calendar. Tasks get assigned to other and they do get reminders.
    2. When I am settled down in office I make calls for some information. Instead I should use BBM or BBM voice.
    3. Then I look for emails. Instead I should check BBM conversations, multiple open chats where I reply, forward or even add anyone anonymous to others, just like BCC. That way everybody is live to the conversation unlike emails address which drops off in between. Attachments should work on cloud technology where real time collaboration is possible rather than individual people having different versions of file in their PC.
    4. In the meeting some of the members physically not present join through BBM voice or BBM Video.
    5. Then I head out of office leaving my laptop behind but carrying BlackBerry with all tasks, files, conversations, remainders.
    6. The entire enterprise communication should revolve around BBM. Like BlackBerry travel, more apps BlackBerry should make which will connect employees with enterprise like say Human resource portal.
    7. Improve BlackBerry travel - collaborate or buy small app makers, connect with local enterprise travel platforms
    BlackBerry has missed the SMS 2.0 revolution but it cannot afford to miss Enterprise 2.0.

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    04-09-14 11:05 PM
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    You realize BlackBerry Travel isn't a BlackBerry owned app though, right? It's nothing more than Worldmate.
    04-10-14 12:23 AM