1. RapsFan1981's Avatar
    Never used BBM for group chats but someone just asked me if it has nested chats. I asked what they meant:

    "As long as the conversation keeps going the "thread" will stay visible at the top even if it "should" scrolls out of view."

    Does BBM do this?

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    04-04-14 07:51 PM
  2. ATV_Hightower's Avatar
    maybe you can think of it as different chatrooms in a group.

    Lets say you have a group with your Surf buddys. your main group lobby would look like this:
    Do BBM group chats have nested chats?-bbg_01b.jpg
    Here you can see shared pictures, shared calender appointments, shared Lists and the Chats. when you tap on your chats you get a list of all available chats. maybe there is one chat about best surfing locations, another one about best boards and a third one about offtopic stuff. that is a nice feature to keep the subjects seperated. but if you dont want it then you can use it just as the groups in other messengers.

    I hope I didnt get you wrong by what you meant with "nested chats"

    or do you mean the top blue bar in chats? yes that bar keeps there forever
    04-04-14 08:13 PM
  3. RapsFan1981's Avatar
    Thanks! That cleared it up nicely.

    Posted via CB10
    04-04-14 08:21 PM

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