1. SharonRD's Avatar
    Hi, I have the newest 10.2 on my Q10. Anyway, I just recently joined a BBM group and I can't seem to delete any BBM group messages/chat, pic notifications, etc from the BBM section of the hub. When I click on one to delete, the overflow menu pops up, the delete confirmation pops up, and I can click delete. Alas, it won't delete.

    But I am able to delete individual 1-1 personal chats from the BBM section of the hub just fine. The group admin says another member of the group is experiencing the same issue, but not sure if they have a Z10/30 or Q10.

    I've tried a normal restart, reboot with both volume buttons, resetting the hub, as well as removing and re-adding the group. After removing the group I *was* able to remove the group messages/chat, pic notifications, etc from the hub. But that isn't really a good solution. lol Any other suggestions to try?

    Posted via CB10 on my sexy Q10
    10-24-13 02:45 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Have you tried this:
    go to the group so that you see the 4 boxes (chat/pictures/lists/events
    hit the overflow buttons
    group settings and toggle OFF the top two choices. It works for me on my Z...should work for you too!
    10-24-13 04:30 PM
  3. SharonRD's Avatar
    Yep, that's the first thing I tried, but it was a no-go. Sorry, jaydee, I should've mentioned I'd already tried that too.

    Edit: jaydee, just to clarify (for others) that does work for me, so that that it doesn't show in the top level Hub, but it has no effect on being able to delete group chat/msgs or pics in the BBM area of the hub.

    Really don't have a clue what to try next, but willing to try almost anything, except wiping and reloading the OS. lol

    Posted via CB10 on my sexy Q10
    10-24-13 04:44 PM
  4. Dave XII's Avatar
    same here...I hope this will be fixed soon.

    Posted via CB10
    10-25-13 01:54 AM
  5. SharonRD's Avatar
    Yes, I really hope so too!

    Posted via CB10 on my sexy Q10
    10-25-13 07:29 PM
  6. Wmsi's Avatar
    Got the exact same problem on my z10 (10.2).
    10-31-13 06:45 AM
  7. IDFrede's Avatar
    Same. Group message with picture attachements canot be deleted from my Hub, no matter what the group settings.
    11-01-13 03:34 PM

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